Wednesday, August 20, 2014  
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Prevent Plant Acres Decline From 2013
Friday, August 15, 2014 10:19AM CDT

By Katie Micik
DTN Markets Editor

OMAHA (DTN) -- Prevented planting acreage declined significantly from last year and is largely concentrated in North Dakota and Minnesota, according to Farm Services Agency's initial release of certified acreage data.

Farmers were prevented from planting 1.54 million acres of corn, down from 2013's total of 3.16 million acres.

On soybeans, 827,131 acres went unplanted, compared to 1.7 million acres last year.

About 1.4 million acres of wheat have been certified as prevented planting this year, compared to about 2 million acres last year.

DTN analyst Todd Hultman said the lower prevented planting acres aren't surprising, especially since the spring of 2013 was much colder and wetter than this year.

The only state with more than 1 million prevented planting acres was North Dakota, he said. North Dakota and Minnesota combined accounted for 53% of prevented corn, 62% of prevented soybean and 52% of prevented wheat acres.

"The temptation here is to subtract FSA's prevent planted acres from USDA's planting estimates, but later WASDE reports don't always turn out that way," Hultman said. "So, the best we can say is that planted acres are likely to be reduced modestly for all three grains, but it should not change bearish expectations for record crops in corn and soybeans."

FSA's initial data is estimated to be 3% incomplete. The agency will update acreage information monthly, but USDA will not incorporate the acreage figures until its October crop reports.

"December corn is 4 1/4 cents higher Friday morning, but I think it has more to do with commercial buying responding to cheap prices than any surprise from the FSA numbers," Hultman said. "Soybeans and wheat are steady to lower -- not much FSA impact there."

The next FSA acreage report will be released on Sept. 16. You can find today's data and future reports here:…

Katie Micik can be reached at


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